About Us

The Bow is a revolutionary commercial grade fitness training system for personal trainers & fitness enthusiasts offering over 500 ‘real’ exercises in a variety of fitness disciplines.


The Bow empowers you to facilitate workouts in Pilates, suspension training, resistance training and aesthetics using the most comprehensive & versatile fitness system ever invented.  Designed by a personal trainer for personal trainers and fitness buffs ‘The Bow’ is the only fitness system you need to deliver the physical transformations that you look for.
BONUS GIFT: Train along to my growing collection of virtual classes on Australia’s largest workout channel & train along using The Bow at the gym, in the park or at home. 
I comprehensively cover weights & resistance training, Pilates, kick boxercise and suspension training in an aggressive yet low impact format to deliver real results fast!
I stand by The Bow as the only gym equipment you need to deliver the results that your clients want from you.

Coach Ali | Inventor