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Coach Ali

Certified Trainer, The Bow Inventor

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

Coach Ali is able to offer comprehensive lifestyle plans based on personal goals and needs. He incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, functional training, strength training, nutrition coaching, yoga, injury rehabilitation and more to produce dramatic results for each individual client.

The Full Fitness Approach

The Bow is simply more versatile than alternative suspension based training systems.  It is made with commercial level durability to work endlessly for you & your clients.

Traditional Suspension Training

The Bow hand grips & damage proof suspension cables & simplified anchor points allow you to perform all traditional suspension training exercises in complete comfort. In this training setup The Bow can perform every exercise available to alternative suspension units.

Bow Bar Suspension Training

The Bow’s patented multi-grip long bar creates a very distinct stable training platform during exercise.  This is simply not available to traditional suspension training units as they require the user to control hand position and lateral movement . By controlling lateral movement, the Bow bar  allows you to place more body weight into your workout creating more lactic acid as well as offering superior control over isolating muscles, much like training with weights minus the impact to your joints. This style of suspension training is unique to The Bow suspension gym.

High Anchor Resistance Training

Using The Bow’s long bar along with resistance bands, you will create strength & conditioning exercises whilst training your core muscles. This is a fantastic multi-purpose variation to both weights and traditional suspension training. “Loose-suspension” or partial suspension training with resistance bands forces your body to be aware and in tune with your workout as it vigorously trains your stabilising muscles and core whilst minimising impact to your joints.

Low Anchor Resistance Training

This variation fulfils The Bow’s original purpose of low impact alternative to training with barbells and dumbbells. The Bow offers over 100 strength and conditioning exercise from this position. This type of training is very much in line with physio-therapeutic strength & conditioning. Bow500 suspension gym includes resistance bands force of up to 360lbs as standard. This is enough force for all levels of fitness and strength.

Pilates Mat Work Enhancer

The Bow can be used to amplify your Pilates workout by adding resistance to traditional floor exercises and creating efficiency of workout through added artificial resistance. This application of The Bow suspension gym raises the bar for core development training to a level that is simply not available to traditional Pilates practice.

Agility and Stability Trainer

The Bow can duplicate and mimic all exercises available to alternative ‘bar and band’ training systems without the need to spend time or money on additional equipment. The Bow can also be used to add strength & conditioning elements to boxercise, HIIT and other agility based workouts by incorporating resistance bands force into training.

Resistance Bands Training

The Bow hand grips allow you to perform an extended range of resistance bands exercises by using stable anchor points attached high or low depending on your choice of exercises. In this scenario The Bow amplifies and ads to traditional resistance bands exercises.

Trapeze Pilates and Low Anchor Suspension

Trapeze Pilates is traditionally performed on Pilates Cadillac system. The Bow allows you to replicate and perform variations of Trapeze Pilates straight from the floor using a low anchor point. Low anchor suspension training will allow you to suspend your entire body weight and offer variations of traditional suspension training with a higher degree of difficulty. Low anchor suspension training facilitates posterior exercises not available to traditional suspension training.

The Bow is a revolutionary commercial grade fitness training system for personal trainers & fitness enthusiasts offering over 500 ‘real’ exercises in a variety of fitness disciplines.

The Bow empowers you to facilitate workouts in Pilates, suspension training, resistance training and aesthetics using the most comprehensive & versatile fitness system ever invented. Designed by a personal trainer for personal trainers and fitness buffs ‘The Bow’ is the only fitness system you need to deliver the physical transformations that you look for.